Who we are

At St Paul’s College, Kelaniya we believe in the development of the whole person in an environment that emphasises excellence and achievement as well as embracing cultural diversity in an active manner.

At present, there are 1800 students studying at St Paul’s College, Kelaniya with 68 qualified teachers on board. There are grades from Grade 1 to 13, with Advanced Level studies in Arts, Commerce and Science steams. The school caters to various religious denominations, receiving cooperation from parents and society.

Our mission is to witness Christ the great educator who unfolded the realities of life not only by words, but also by his presence. The little seed that was planted by its founder Father Legoc in 1935 has now grown into a massive tree, today sheltering the students at Kelaniya.

“Facienthes Veritatem Et Caritate”

Called to Duty in Truth and Love

Rally around the colours girls

Rally as it proud unfurls

Bring to view the harp that brought

An angel down to earth

Brings the lovely rose so fair

That from heaven its journey made

Let’s rally round the gold and green

That for us will never fade

The masterly St Paul withal

To us duty calls

We’ll shout his message truth and love

And shout it through the halls


Cheers for the gold and green

Cheers for the wealth they mean

Our song bird Cecilia

Our silent Theresa

Sped to heaven a singular praise

Lilting a love untold

Cheers for the green and gold

The gold and green forever

The gold and green

Colours we proud unfold

Deeds of duty let us show

Virtue like a song will flow

As our loyal hearts for alma mater burn and glow

Love our mottos love them true

That we’ll nobly run our race

And o’er the world in speech and song

Our patron’s virtues trace

Let’s sing a song that will keep the spirit

Of our flag alive

To the task of living out our creed

May the old and new years strive