Message from the PPA President

It is said that the happiest days in the life of a human being are in its childhood. As I start writing this message, there is a joy that surges within me, as I recall the days of my girlhood, spent at our dear beloved “Alma Mater”. It laid a solid foundation to thousands of Paulines, molded with values, leadership and discipline, who are now excelling in many fields all over the world.

I am evenly proud that happy to be associated with the school on the occasion of its celebration of the 75th anniversary with the launch of our website. As the president of the PPA to work hand in hand with the school to make it a better place for all our future ‘Paulines’ with a highly committed Principal, a Rev Sister, vice principals, staff, parents and pupils present and past.

St Paul’s Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Waragoda, Kelaniya, reaches an important landmark in its history in 2010 when it completes 75 years of love and dedication in the service of youth in our country.

This school bears the name of St Paul, who was an ardent follower of Christ, and a strong character, indomitable spirited person of his time. This would spell out the educational aims of the school, that of building a strong character, enthusiastic and dedicated loyal citizen of our country.

When we look back, St Paul’s B M V has for a full 75 years fulfilled the wishes of its revered late founder farther Maurice Legoc O. M. I. He saw the need for a school run on sound Christian principles in the suburbs of the city of Colombo to cater for the children of its vicinity. This was achieved through dedication and commitment of all past principals and teachers who served our school over the years.

Finally it is my wish that all Paulines will rally round our school flag and serve our school and country as was done by past pupils and also presently by the present PPA.

I will fail in my duty if I do not extend a “big thank you” to Glenda Parthipan (Managing Director Emphasis) and her team at BT Options for their untiring efforts and contribution made to make our first ever website, a reality.

Rasadari Perera
President of the PPA

1st Row (left)

Mrs. Sujeewa Kariyawasam (Asst Treasurer), Mrs. Deanna De Bond (Treasurer), Mrs. Rasadari Perera nee Jayamaha (President), Rev. Sr. Siyeni Mary (Patron), Mrs. Juanita Rodrigo (Vice President), Mrs. Vanessa Adrian (Secretary), Mrs. Marie Candappa (Asst Secretary)

02nd Row

Mrs. Sumaya Gunaratne, Ms. Savithri Candappa, Mrs. Rosemary Saparamadu, Mrs. Romali Candappa, Mrs. Ruth Fernandopulle, Mrs. Sheila Rajapaksa, Mrs. Malkanthi Ganegoda


Mrs. Dushani Perera (Vice President), Mrs. Manel Rupasinghe, Mrs. Evangeline Lappen, Mrs. Polino Lappen

Past Presidents

Mrs. Naomi Visser Migrated to N.Z.

Mrs. Gwen De Silva – 2004 Migrated to Australia

The late Mrs. Celine Jayasekera

Flash back:

1. Mass for president Mrs. Gwen De Silva 1st October 2004, who is migrating to Australia and a day outing at Guruge Park.

2. Donation of $625 from Australian PPA for a Camera for computer room (13.3.2004)

3. Felicitation Ceremony for 25 teachers on 3rd April 2005

4. Raffle ticket draw on 12.9.2005 to collect funds

5. Donation of $500 for an anti virus device for computers from Australian PPA. on 12.9.2005

6. Christmas party on 4.12.2005 with distribution of dry rations to 25 poor families

7. 100 sets of furniture for IT Room from a donation of AUS $ equivalent of LKR. 90,000.00

8. Offering mass on 10th July 2006 for late teacher Mrs. Greta Fernando with dry rations for the poor.

9. Donation of used clothes and providing cooked meals for inmates of ‘Freedom Home’ on 18th December 2006 by com Members

10. Past pupils Association gifted a new set of curtains for the main school hall

11. Death of Mrs. Celine Jayasekera

12. On 8th December 2007 at seminar/workshop on career guidance, cookery demonstration and beauty culture

13. Scholarships awarded for 25 students funded by ST PAUL’S WARAGODA BENEVOLENT FUND (AUSTRALIA) INC

(in memory of the late Teacher & Vice Principal, Mrs. Florence Senewiratne)

14. A breakfast/meeting was held on 3rd February 2008 in honour of past president Mrs. Gwen De Silva

15. On 8th August 2008 a requiem mass was offered in memory of all past presidents, teachers etc

16. Raffle ticket draw held on 28/9/2008

17. on 7th December 2008 Com. bid farewell to Rev. S R Nirmalee and welcomed new patron of the PPA Rev Sr. Siyeni

18. Mrs. Deepa Hapuarachchi gifted two school flags to the president to be given to the school and Australian PPA in February 2009

19. on 30th May 2009 PPA organised a ‘sing-a-long’ and a sum of Rs. 50,000. was donated to the school

20. Seminar for O/L students held on 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 23rd November 2009

21. Extension of the Upper section of the parapet wall in front of school May 2009

22. Two re-conditioned air conditioners from personal donors given to IT room

23. One new computer gifted by Senewiratne family and another 10 used computers from Standard Chartered Bank donated to school on 13th December 2009.


(in memory of the late Teacher & Vice Principal, Mrs Florence Senewiratne)

This Benevolent Fund was established in 2006 for the purpose of collecting funds to provide scholarships for under-privileged students of St Paul’s Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. This purpose is based on the late Mrs Senewiratne’s benevolence to some of the then disadvantaged students of St Paul’s when she assisted in their education by purchasing their text books. These deeds of benevolence were made known to Mrs Senewiratne’s family by the recipients only at her funeral.

The incorporation of this Fund in Australia is an attempt by one of her sons (Ruwanal) to continue this benevolence in her memory, and had the blessings of the then Principal, Rev Sr Nirmalie Fernando. Recipients are chosen by the committee based on student bio-data forwarded by the Principal and the PPA in Sri Lanka. The PPA also manages the account established in Sri Lanka for this purpose, on behalf of the Fund. The current Principal also supports this project.

In Australia, fund-raising and management of the activities are the responsibility of a small committee, comprising ex-students of St Paul’s and Mrs Senewiratne’s only grand-child in Australia, and their spouses,. Audited Accounts are submitted annually to Consumer Affairs as a requirement of an Incorporated Association.

The Fund currently sponsors 12 students, whilst 13 other students are privately sponsored, with those sponsorships also administered by the Fund. The sponsorship covers the entire education, clothing and transport of the selected students who are chosen from Year 1 to Year 12.

Funds are raised through an annual dinner dance. For the first time, a hopper night was held in August 2009 for the specific purpose of purchasing a computer for the younger students as well as sports equipment for the school. All of these were received by the school in January this year.

The committee is grateful to Mrs Rasadari Perera and the PPA in Sri Lanka who assist in coordinating our efforts.

I salute you my Alma Mater

I was nurtured by you for twelve long years. During my very pleasant stay with you my teachers taught me all that was required to mould me, to be a good citizen of my country. They understood my abilities and talents. Above all, they made me feel that I was loved and cared for. They gave me their fullest support and instilled confidence in me to sit the S.S.C. examination. The late Rev. Mother. Syncletica A.C., took a very keen interest in the progress of the students. I often sit back and remember those fun-filled days in school. As schoolgirls we did have differences once-in-a-while, but it was soon sorted out and we were friends again.

It is with pride and pleasure that I remember the prize I received for Singing. Although it was so many years ago, the melody still lingers in my mind ‘Swallows so lightly floating over the azure skies ……’ For me this was a great achievement.

I also loved acting and took part in several Shakespeare dramas and the grand operetta ‘Princess Chrysanthemum’.

My Alma Mater taught me significant lessons which helped me face the world as a responsible adult. The importance of good manners, respecting others, especially our parents and teachers, correct values and responsibility towards society were instilled into us. This helped immensely towards achieving my goals in life. I was trained to accept victory and defeat. Thank you for molding me to be what I am today.

I cannot ask the Lord for a greater blessing, than a perfect Alma Mater like you. I am proud to say I am a past Pauline! I will always love and respect you.

Bernadette Pulle Alles

Past Student, 1938-1951